We offer both full (pro bono) and matching (partial, funding requirement of 50%) service grants to help nonprofits and good causes access our services at no or low cost. We help you build your “toolbox” of dynamic and sustainable communications elements and empower you to use them—elevating your brand and enhancing your ability to serve. Recent awards have ranged in value of services from $500 – $25,000. Please consider applying if your organization could benefit from the following:

  • brand assessment and development
  • identity design or logo refresh
  • marketing materials (brochures, newsletters, annual reports, appeals)
  • event branding (luncheons, galas, festivals)
  • campaign development (awareness, messaging, capital, membership)
  • WordPress web site design and build
  • Digital/social media graphics

A full (pro bono) grant provides creative/marketing services, to be performed by Causality, at no cost to the organization for the scope of services requested.

A matching grant is partial pro bono with a funding requirement of 50%. Essentially, the matching grant recipient receives their requested project at half the cost. The organization must be able to contribute or raise a sum equal to the value of the match to be provided by Causality.

The organization may fund their match from their own funds or may seek funding from other sources. Many grant recipients have utilized the matching grant opportunity to secure outside funding—allowing them to receive the full scope of services at no cost to their organization.

The Causality Brand Grant is a service grant that encompasses the full range of brand marketing and creative services that we provide on a regular basis:

  • Brand assessment and development
  • Identity design or logo refresh
  • Name exploration/collaboration
  • Development of branded marketing materials
  • Targeted direct mail, appeals and membership campaigns
  • Fundraising communications and campaigns
  • WordPress web site design and development
  • Email marketing and social media integration
  • Event branding: galas, luncheons, festivals, etc.


It does not cover out-of-pocket expenses such as printing, postage, web hosting, stock photography, video production, etc. nor does it cover services outside of our scope of services.

With a services grant, the organization will receive the the grant in services that our team will perform based on a mutually agreeable scope of work of the awarded grant. No funding is provided. Grants are fulfilled with services provided by Causality to the receiving organization. These services do not include out of pocket expenses.

Yes, you can apply for both a full and matching grant at the same time on the same application by check both boxes. If your application is not chosen to receive a full grant it will automatically be considered for remaining matching grants.

Yes, you can apply for a brand grant for more than one project. On the application you will be asked to list the desired projects in priority order.

The Causality Brand Grant is offered quarterly.

The Causality Brand Grant is open to a broad range of organizations including non profit organizations, government agencies, service organizations, education clients. Overall, we seek to support those that contribute to the greater good.

Yes, grassroots, start ups and organizations who do not yet have 501c3 status may apply.

Typically, grant projects are expected to begin within 30 days of award notification and completed within 3 to 6 months of start date, depending on the scope of the project. Our process is flexible and we will discuss timeline needs at the kick off after grants are awarded.

We strive to be flexible and accessible and will work on a case-by-case basis to develop a workable project timeline.

If you have an urgent project need prior to award date, have an RFP you’d like to have considered under this grant program or are needing and alternate timeline, please contact us for assistance. We’ll handle these requests on a case-by-case basis.

First, know that the amount you enter into the application for “matching grant amount” is not a commitment on your behalf. It’s a helpful guideline for our evaluation process and we use it to estimate the size and scope of a project along with the other information provided in the application.

Second, also know that after grants are awarded, we meet with each grant recipient to discuss your specific project needs. From there we create a matching grant scope of work that details the project steps, deliverables and timeline. This scope of work shows the full cost of the estimated project and then is reduced by 50% for the matching grant award. The remaining 50% is what is required as funding from the organization to move forward with the project. The initial scope of work is considered a draft that we can refine and revise as needed until it is accepted by the organization. There is no commitment until the grant recipient accepts the scope of work.

We strive to work within all budget levels to make our services accessible to organizations of all size.

A matching grant is based on a mutually agreeable scope of work where the organization contributes or raises 50% of the value of the services. There are two ways to approach this:

  1. We can have a conversation about what your needs are and then develop a scope of work proposal that estimates the full value of the services requested and defines the funding needed to secure the match.

If we receive a matching grant request where the services requested exceed what we believe we can successfully provide for the match amount, we will offer an alternate scope of work for your consideration. Our goal is to work with you to develop a mutually agreeable scope of services.

Recent awards have ranged in value of services from $500 – $25,000.

You may apply by completing the online application or you may download a PDF of the application to return via email. The application is a form-fillable pdf allowing you to type your answers into the PDF, save and send. Please include your organization name in the file name of your application PDF and email to terri@thinkcausality.com. Please only send the application PDF, if we need more information we will contact you during the evaluation process.

Please reach out to us with any grant questions via phone, email or contact form all found on our Questions? page.


Launch – October 3, 2023
Deadline – October 27, 2023
Announcement – week of November 6, 2023


Detailed answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page. If you need more specific information please contact us on our Contact Us page.


“I have had the good pleasure of implementing two projects with Causality and adore their process and outcome is amazing. Thank you!”

Bonnie Blair Hilory, Experienced Nonprofit Leader

“Everyone loves it (the Junior Naturalist Passport) and we have gotten such a great response from the kids, parents and community supporters. Thank you!”

Heidi Anderson, Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation
“Talented creative for nonprofits. The team is dedicated to doing good work for good causes. They were an amazing help with our annual report.”
Holly Jacobson, Path with Art



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