Congratulations to the 2023 Summer Grant recipients!

Full Grant awards:

Helping Link
Pen and Scroll Organization Inc

Matching Grant* awards:

Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates
Elemental Music
Hildale Economic Advancement and Innovation Center
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
Snohomish Education Foundation

Cultivation Matching Grant** awards:

Anima d_b_a Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus
CMG Global Foundation
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast)
Comfort Holmes Adult Day Center
Compassion Without Borders
Fostering Media Connections
Glorious Helping Hand International
Higher Octave Healing
Indy Rarebreed wrestling academy
Magic Minds Inc.
One Day Niche
Sustainable Food Center
Victoria Theater Arts Center
All grants are awarded conditionally based on developing a mutually agreed upon scope of work.
All grant recipients will receive confirmation of award via email, along with details on how to proceed, by Friday, September 8, 2023.
All other applicants will receive status emails the week of September 15, 2023. Emails will include information on obtaining feedback and other options.

*Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as ready to begin right away and have funding in place.

**Cultivation Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as not ready to begin right away or needing time or information to raise funds. Cultivation Matching recipients will have the opportunity to work with our team to develop a budget and scope of work to schedule their grant projects at a future date.

The Fall 2023 Causality Brand Grant will launch in mid-October. Sign up for email announcements and check for schedule updates at

Thanks to all who applied!