What is the brand grant?

We’re making branding, design and web site design accessible for all nonprofits with pro bono grants!

We offer both full (pro bono) and matching (partial, funding requirement of 50%) service grants to help nonprofits and good causes access our services at no or low cost. We help you build your “toolbox” of dynamic and sustainable communications elements and empower you to use them—elevating your brand and enhancing your ability to serve. Recent awards have ranged in value of services from $500 – $40,000. Please consider applying if your organization could benefit from the following:

  • brand assessment and development
  • identity design or logo refresh
  • marketing materials (brochures, newsletters, annual reports, appeals)
  • event branding (luncheons, galas, festivals)
  • campaign development (awareness, messaging, capital, membership)
  • WordPress web site design and build
  • Digital/social media graphics

What is a full grant?

A full (pro bono) grant recipient receives branding/marketing services at no cost for the services requested. We award a minimum of one full grant per granting period.

What is a matching grant?

A matching (partial, funding requirement of 50%) grant recipient receives branding/marketing services at half the cost of the services requested. The organization is required to fund half the value of the services requested. Funding can come from the organization or from other sources. Many grant recipients have utilized the matching grant opportunity for outside funding—allowing them to receive the full scope of services at no cost to their organization.

Please note: No funding is provided. Grants are fulfilled with services provided by Causality to the receiving organization. These services do not include out of pocket expenses.