Steve GainesSteve Gaines | Creative Director

After a brief stint in a large corporate design department, Steve took what was left of his sanity and went into business with his wife, Terri. Fully rehabilitated, Steve is now lovingly referred to as Creative Dictator by the talented if not misguided design staff. He admits to the occasional soapbox speech (clearly a holdover from his political satire days) but he denies all hints of totalitarian rule. Steve calls on twenty years of design experience in pursuit of creative excellence and results-oriented solutions for each client’s need.

Outside the rigors of work, Steve has many interests. He has never met a beer he didn’t like (although he likes some more than others), enjoys the occasional cigar, and is an avid student of history. He also collects and paints toy soldiers and continues to play golf despite minimal improvement.

Terri Gaines

Terri Gaines | President

An internship led to her first agency job. After working at a couple of different design firms, Terri started Causality with her husband Steve. Terri’s job has evolved through necessity. In addition to design and production, Terri also handles the administrative aspects of the company as well as account service. This is due to a highly developed left brain that is not often found in creative types. Causality looks at this gift with both fear and reverence. However, her design skills are not to be overlooked as she has produced many award-winning projects. Terri was honored in the San Antonio Business Journal’s Forty Under Forty, honoring local business people under… you guessed it, forty.

After a full week of keeping the machine well oiled, Terri likes to power shop. Her ability to find a good deal is uncanny. She also enjoys surfing the web and hanging out with the family animals. Otherwise, she claims to have no life. Her husband takes exception to this.