Congratulations to the Winter Brand Grant recipients!

Congratulations to the 2018 Winter Grant recipients! Thanks to all who applied.

Full Grant awards:
FOCUS on Recovery

Matching Grant* awards:
Chicago Lights
Lower Shore Enterprises
Rx Partnership
Shabach Enterprise
Somerset Community Services, Inc.

Cultivation Matching Grant** awards:
American Model United Nations International
Downtown Association
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Katy Prairie Conservancy
Orphan Helpers
The 100 Club of Central Texas

All grants are awarded conditionally based on a mutually agreed upon scope of work. All applicants will receive status emails THIS WEEK.

*Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as ready to begin right away and have funding in place.

**Cultivation Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as not ready to begin right away or needing time or information to raise funds. Those named as Cultivation Matching recipients will have the opportunity to work with our team to develop a budget and scope of work to schedule their grant projects at a future date.

The Spring 2018 Causality Brand Grant will launch April 23, 2018. Sign up for email announcements at