Congratulations to the 2020 Fall Grant recipients!

Full Grant awards:
Athletes United for Social Justice (dba “The Grassroot Project”)
Children’s Discovery Museum
Opca Shelter Network Alliance Inc.

Matching Grant* awards:
Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group
Hope Network’s Michigan Education Corps
Message Magazine
Serve Wisconsin
Sumner Community Food Bank
The Water Tower
Vieques Island Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Cultivation Matching Grant** awards:305 Pink Pack
Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia
Brighten Our Future Early Learning Center
Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival
Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance (MoGo)
Prevent Drowning Foundation of San Diego
The Arctic Cycle

All grants are awarded conditionally based on developing a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

All grant recipients will receive confirmation of award via email and details on how to proceed by Friday, November 20th.

All other applicants will receive status emails by Friday, November 20th. Emails will include information on obtaining feedback and other options.

*Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as ready to begin right away and have funding in place.

**Cultivation Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as not ready to begin right away or needing time or information to raise funds. Those named as Cultivation Matching recipients will have the opportunity to work with our team to develop a budget and scope of work to schedule their grant projects at a future date.

The Winter 2020 Causality Brand Grant will launch in mid-January. Sign up for email announcements and check for schedule updates at

Thanks to all who applied!