2015 Spring Brand Grant award announcement!

Congratulations to the 2015 Spring Grant recipients and thank you to all who participated!

Full Grant awards:

  • Attack Poverty
  • CTRC Book and Author Luncheon

Matching Grant* awards:

  • ACT – A Contemporary Theater
  • Cleveland Inner City Ballet
  • DaySpring Assisted Living
  • Sacramento Native American Health Center, Inc.
  • Swim Across America

Cultivation Matching Grant** awards:

  • F.A.R. Movement, Inc.
  • Freedom Education Project Puget Sound
  • Hope and Healing Family Center, Inc
  • Leadership ISD
  • Micronesian Legal Services Corporation
  • National Center for Preventing Homelessness
  • Our Global Village
  • Rochester Oratorio Society, Inc.
  • The Mustard Seed Project of Key Peninsula
  • Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC)

ALL grants are awarded conditionally based on a mutually acceptable scope of work.

ALL applicants will receive an individual email with notification of award status and next steps over the next 5 business days.

The Summer Grant will launch in July. If you would like to receive email notification, please sign up at www.causalitybrandgrant.com/apply

*Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as ready to begin right away and have funding in place. Those named as Matching Grant recipients will have the opportunity to finalize and schedule their grant projects right away.

**Cultivation Matching Grant awards – those recipients identified as not ready to begin right away or needing information to raise funds. Those named as Matching Cultivation recipients will have the opportunity to work with our team to finalize and schedule their grant projects at a future date.

Congratulations to our 2013 Summer Brand Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2013 Summer Brand Grant Recipients!

Our FULL grant recipients:

  • Mikayla’s Grace
  • Cancer Therapy and Research Center

Our MATCHING grant recipients:

  • Admiral Center
  • Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women (ANEW)
  • ArtiCulture
  • BrandonVolunteers.ca
  • Consejo Counseling and Referral Service
  • Lagom Landing
  • Portland Food Cooperative
  • Scleroderma Research Foundation
  • Starla Center
  • UCM [United Community Ministries]
  • Garland County CASA
  • Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County
  • San Anto Cultural Arts, Inc.
  • Sweet Adelines International, Harmony Celebration Chapter
  • foundation-blue.com

Matching grants are awarded pending a mutually agreed upon scope of work. Terri Gaines will contact each grant recipient over the next week to set up calls/meetings to discuss project details and timeline.

ALL applicants will receive individual emails this week to formally notify you of award status. If you were not award a grant this cycle we will also be happy to share feedback on your application and let you know if matching opportunities are available pending the distribution of current awards.

Please email terri@thinkcausality.com with any questions in the meantime. Congratulations to recipients

Causality Brand Grant Winter grant announcement

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding as we reviewed the Causality Brand Grant Winter applications—we received an unprecedented 115 applications, all from very worthy and impressive organizations. We are also able to award an unprecedented number of grants. We are pleased to offer Full and Matching services grants the following organizations:

Full Grants
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Washington
Community Voice Mail National
Families & Friends of Missing Persons & Violent Crime Victims
Pike Market Senior Center/Downtown Food Bank
Sea Scavenger Conservancy
Talking Talons Youth Leadership

Matching Grants:
Allied Arts of Whatcom County
Boys and Girls Clubs of Whatcom County
Cancer Care Services
Cup of Change
Eastside Baby Corner
Explorations Academy Online
Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center
Imagine NW!
National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty
North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center
New Horizons Ministries
OSPREY Village
Village Community Services

These grant awards are conditioned upon a mutually agreeable scope of work and executed client agreement.

An individual email will go out to each and every applicant tomorrow, April 5 to formally award the grants and to notify those not chosen this grant cycle. Grant recipients will receive details on next steps for accepting the grant and how to proceed.Those not chosen this grant cycle will receive details on their status during evaluation, getting application feedback and what remaining capacity we may have regarding the matching service grants.

Thanks to all who applied!

The Causality Brand Grants have been awarded!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for the Causality Brand Grant—your interest in our service grant program has been overwhelming! We apologize for the extended time taken for the evaluation process—we received more applications than expected and needed more time than expected to reach a decision on the grant awards. We thank everyone who participated for their patience.

All of our applicants had extremely worthy missions and we wish we could award services grants to all—unfortunately we could only select one full grant recipient. Additionally, we selected three matching grant recipients.

Congratulations to our Full Grant recipient:
Humane Society of Central Texas

Congratulations to our Matching Grant recipients:
Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA)
Green Industry Alliance (GIA)
Puget SoundOff

NOTE: We did not award all matching grants so if you wish to be considered for a matching grant, please contact me directly at 888-999-5592 x107 or by email at terri@thinkcausality.com. You will NOT need to submit a new grant application.

Applications for our Fall granting period are now available upon request at http://www.thinkcausality.com/causality-brand-grant.html.

We encourage past applications to reapply—please contact me for instructions!

Causality Brand Grant update

Grant Announcements

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application for the Causality Brand Grant—your interest in our program has been overwhelming!

Given the tremendous number of grant applications received we have been unable to complete the review in time to announce our full grant recipient by July 1, 2010.

Finalists have been selected and forwarded to our advisory committee and applications will be reviewed after the July 4th holiday. We expect to finalize the full grant award on or before July 16, 2010. Additional matching grants may be awarded at that time, as well.

Congratulations to our Matching Grant recipients:
Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA)
Green Industry Alliance (GIA)
Puget SoundOff

The application process for our next round of grants will begin August 1, 2010.